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Introducing Shadow!

Shadow is a Miniature Schnauzer who came to us in January 99. He was a belated Christmas present from my husband, who knew how much I missed having a little dog since Daisy Mae's passing. We searched the internet for miniature schnauzer rescue and were put in touch with a family in the next town who needed to find a loving home for Shadow. Why they had to is not important. What is important is that this family loved Shadow enough to find another home for him and to make sure he would be well cared for and loved...and SPOILED! And SPOILED he is!

Shadow and the greyhounds got along immediately. In fact, if we would let them, Shadow and Athena would play together all day long, with maybe a break for food and water. In fact, I'm almost convinced Shadow thinks he's a greyhound. You should see him run in the backyard with the greys. He can't keep up with them, but what he lacks in speed; he makes up for with spunk!

Shadow is 2 years old and a wonderful addition to our family.

Introducing Jypsum!

Jypsum came to us via email, in May 99. Yes, via email! I received an email about a little 6 week old kitten who had been found behind some wallboard that a construction crew had put up. After they put up the wallboard, they went to lunch. When they returned, they heard this kitty meowing and tore down the wallboard to rescue him. One of the construction workers was sweet enough to take the kitten to a vet to make sure everything was all right and even got the first set of shots and feline lukemia test.

When I got the kitten, I named her Jasmine, thinking the kitten was a she. This was also in honor of our other cat, Jasper, who had passed away. Jasmine looks just like Jasper. It wasn't until 4 days later we found out she was a he! Hey - how can you tell at 6 weeks?! So the search was on for a male name. After many considerations, I chose Gypsum, only spelling it with a J in honor of Jasper.

Gypsum is the brand name for wallboard. Get it? :^)

To The Winner's Circle!

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