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Welcome to The Winner's Circle!

Hi! I'm Victoria (a/k/a Slick Vic) and I just want to thank you for visiting with The Roo Crew. I was first introduced to greyhounds via my husband. He had a customer who was owned by one. (Yes, you are owned by THEM!) For 2 weeks straight he kept dreaming about them until he finally convinced me to just go and look at them. We walked into the kennel at Companion Greyhounds located in Marietta, GA and I thought to myself "Lordy, these dogs need to be fattened up!" They were so skinny and sad looking to me. Little did I know that that is how they WANT you to feel! It's all a ploy to get you right where they want you! And boy did it work! After 2 hours of visiting with various dogs, Arieleha picked us. Actually, she was the very first dog we met and we just kept going back to her and finally she decided we were worthy of being owned by her...and I've never regretted her decision.

For as long as there is a breath in me, I'll never be without a greyhound as a companion.

For your surfing pleasure, I've listed some links to some GREYT webpages of other Greyhounds. I encourage you to visit them so you won't think I'm being biased in my opinion (VBG). Greyhounds and the people they own are indeed a rare breed and one worth getting to know.

Also listed are some GREYT greyhound related sites: resources, adoption agencies, etc. Please take a moment to visit those also. They are full of GREYT information.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions on greyhounds or greyhound adoption.

Thanks again for dropping in. You're welcome anytime!

Other GREYT Greyhound Sites!

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Read the "Love Story" of Pipp & Jazz King, along with "tails" about other greyhounds.
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Albert & Major - 2 greyhounds
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More wonderful greyhounds!
The Rockin' Rooers
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GREYT Greyhound Resources!

A Breed Apart
The First On-Line Greyhound EZine
The Greyhound Project
Kanas City REGAP
Retired Greyhounds as Pets
Manufacturer and Wholesale Greyhound Products
Greyhound Adoption Service
Salisbury, Massachusetts Adoption Agency
The Greyhound Gang
Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds.
Greyhound Emergency Medical Assistance
An organization dedicated to providing financial assistance (Read Mission Statement)
Local Atlanta, GA Adoption Agency
Companion Greyhounds
Local Atlanta, GA Adoption Agency
Adopt-A-Greyhound of Central Canada, Inc.
Adoption Resource for Canada