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"Summ Able Bodied"

February 1991 - October 1997

Zeus was our 2nd greyhound. He'd been returned to the adoption agency, Companion Greyhounds, and was only there for an hour before we came along and he stole our hearts. Zeus' racing career was short and sweet. At 22mos he broke his left rear hock and once recovered, refused to run when they put him back on the track. Zeus and Air were the best of buddies.

Zeus, "Summ Able Bodied," passed away on Sunday, October 5, 1997 at approximately 10:20am. Zeus was 6 yrs old and died of liver cancer. Those who loved him...human and animal surrounded him and helped him cross over to The Rainbow Bridge. He was our shy boy in public and our protector at home. He was our gentle giant.

Rest in peace, Mama's Baby Boy. May you now be free to run in fields of green, chasing squirrels to your heartís content. We shall all be together again some day and then you can once again bury your head in my chest and I'll scratch and rub your neck the way you loved. You are greatly missed.

Coming into the first turn!

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