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The Iceman Cometh!

Ice, formerly known as K Cosmic Limit, is a 7 yr old red, male. We happened upon Ice one evening while holding an informal "Meet-n-Greet" for a gentleman by the name of Marshall Ansin, who was visiting Atlanta. Marshall is a well-known greyhound owner/trainer. We had arranged to meet down at Chastain Park in Atlanta and get to know each other and all the greys that owned us. There must have been about 15 dog and a good number of humans as well.

Ice came with Carl Viener of Adopt-A-Greyhound, located in Atlanta. Ice was very rambunctious to say the least. He certainly made his presence known, especially to my husband, Dale. Unbeknownst to hubby, *I* had my eye on the other grey Carl had brought and little did I know, Dale had his eye on Ice! After Dale made his intentions known (about getting another grey, that is), we "discussed" which grey to adopt. Well, I think Ice, Dale and Marshall conspired against me, because after voicing my opinion, Marshall told me to go with Ice, who had "more personality". Well! Was he ever right about that!

Ice or as he is called at home: Ice, Ice, Baby (no lip synching here!) moved right on in and made himself right at home. And we're ever so glad he did. He is a clown, a lover-dog. He loves everyone of his brothers and sisters, cats included!

Looking into those eyes, how could I have said no?

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