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Slick Vic

Introducing....The Roo Crew!

Welcome! You are about to meet The Roo Crew! The Roo Crew is a group of 4 retired, exracing greyhounds, (except Athena), who have been adopted by Victoria (a/k/a Slick Vic) and Dale! Athena is an AKC grey and was dumped at the local Animal Control/Shelter because she was chasing the ducks! DUH! She IS a greyhound ya know!

You'll also get to meet the other members of our Crew. The one's who don't Roo: Daisy Mae, 14 yr old Papillion - Jasper, 17 yr old long hair domestic kitty - TC, 10 yr old Calico kitty (who ADORES greyhounds)!

So come on in and visit! We LOVE company!

The Race Begins!

Arieleha: Our First Grey!

You are race entrant number !